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25 May 2013

6 months to watch 50 years of Dr. Who

So, after that finale, I've decided to watch every single episode of Doctor Who and ALL its related spin offs (yes, including K9 and Company).

Now, I've set a deadline for this, and of course that deadline has to be the 23rd november. So that gives me less than six months in which to do it. Now, I figure I can watch maybe eight eps of the original series a day, then maybe two or three of the regenerated series. And I'll fit Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures somewhere around there. Also, because I don't half arse these things, I'm also going to watch the Children in Need and Red Nose Day specials, as well as the Tardisodes, prequels, Pond Lifes and everything else.

Now, I've got a day job, so it won't be easy to fit that in with reading and writing as well, but I don't work every day, so on those days I get off, I could watch double the amount I usually would. And imagine the time I'll get to watch it during my forthcoming week off!

There is one major problem though. I don't own all the DVDs, and many episodes aren't available in that format. I don't have enough money to spend on buying all of these, so I will rely on a combination of Lovefilm, YouTube and my own pittance to pay for any DVDs I need. It's doable, and shouldn't affect my writing output at all, so you'll still get regular Chronicles as normal.

Plus, watching all this Who will give me some inspiration for a special short I plan to release later on in the year as a special celebration of the show. Yes, that is an official announcement, and you heard it here first and all that.

While I'm watching these, I plan to update the Blog to tell y'all how I'm doing, with each one dedicated to a single Doctor. Also, at some point in time and space, I'll write a special on my thoughts of this phenomenal programme.

Anyway, without further ado, an unearthly child beckons ...

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