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16 Apr 2013

What makes Game of Thrones so good?

So it was the 'in' thing and when so many people said to check it out, I thought it might be a good idea. And of course, after seeing the first season I was hooked. I then went out to buy the book and will probably finish it today. Then, the other day, my mother's partner and I sat down and made our way through the entire second season so we could catch up. Yup, that was ten hours of a rainy Saturday watching people fight and have sex.

So what is it that is so good? The afore mentioned fight and nookie scenes can be got elsewhere, so it can't be that. The plot? Well, it certainly has much going for it, but as has been said many times (and is a big criticism of the Star Wars prequels), the public don't tend to like overly political stories. Game of Thrones is loaded with politics. The title itself screams of politics. But that kind of story is done very well, and certainly appeals to people, like myself, who enjoy political intrigue.

But what makes the plot? Is it arbitrary points arranged in a timeline in order to achieve an overall story? No. Game of Thrones is the single best example of character driven fantasy I've ever had the pleasure of watching and reading. Every character has their motivations, wants, and flaws. Every character has a choice and the outcome of that choice moves the plot along. It also helps that every character is an engaging one, even the detestable Joffrey, or the shallow Sansa.

And each character has an arc, and many change over the course of the story. One of my favourites is Daenerys, she goes from a shy naive young girl forced into a marriage, and turns into a strong independent leader, and my favourite for the Iron Throne. Both Robb and Bran have lordship thrown on them at early ages. And then there's Tyrion. You go through most of the story with this dry witted and cynical dwarf who's simultaneously hilarious and wise, and then he tells you of his early marriage. Suddenly you really feel for him. And hate his father before you even meet Tywin Lannister.

Honestly, I wouldn't care if there was a plot or no, as long as I could spend time with these characters.

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